Video: India, A Brief Journey


Don’t let the lack of public healthcare and the abundance of corruption, illiteracy and poverty faze you when visiting a third-world country—you might just miss half of your life for backing out on a life-changing travel to such places.

A lot of travelers visit third world countries, such as India, because prices around here are pretty cheap, yet most of them find themselves not only appreciating the hidden gems in these nations but also the fantastic people they meet in their journey. Most of whom may be poor but more often than not, they could change one’s perspective about the world and life in general. 

So take a look at this short yet heartwarming clip arranged by Jordan Marzuki, who shares,
One of the best travels I ever had. The colors of India are too contrasted for my eyes. It’s hard to describe how the situation in this country. The people amaze me.

So don’t hesitate to plan a trip to India today!