Visit the Spectacled Caiman at Laguna de Cube


What better place to see the crocodiles than in a natural wetland in Ecuador? The Laguna de Cube offers the opportunity to view this creature in it’s own habitat along with many other animal species and interesting plant-life.

Visit the Spectacled Caiman at Laguna de Cube

The Laguna de Cube is a 21.6 hectare lake that can be found in the province of Esmeraldas in Ecuador, that is known for its population of Spectacled Caiman – crocodiles native to wetlands. It’s always an adventure to visit the area where you can watch the crocodiles in their natural habitat, or see the howler monkeys and a wide variety of colourful bird life. Despite the presence of crocodiles in the area, locals spend summer days cooling off in the waters.

The waters that feed the wetland come from under the ground and from the mountains, so it stays pretty cool year-round. While farming in the area has caused a reduction of vegetation around the wetland, the area, itself, is protected as a Wetland of International Importance.

If you are planning to stay in the area, accommodations are nearby in the local communities. To get a glimpse of the spectacled caiman, an overnight stay is recommended. During the dark hours of the night, you can take a canoe out into the lake to see the elusive crocodile that comes out at night.

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