Yasuni National Park: An Amazon Wonderland

Yasuni, Ecuador

The rainforests always hold some appeal to anyone looking for an adventurous, yet educational travel experience. Yasuni National Park is the largest rainforest extension in Ecuador.

Yasuni National Park: An Amazon Wonderland

Yasuni National Park can be found in the Eastern section of the Ecuadorian Amazon in the provinces of Pastaza and Orellana.

Covering nearly a whopping one million hectares of bio-diverse land, the tropical rainforest was recognized as an UNESCO World Heritage site in 1989. The biosphere is vital in maintaining environmentally sustainable living, especially for the tribes who live in the area.


While the forest is home to the Huaorani, Taromenane, and Tagaeri tribes, the people of the land tend to shy away from visitors and prefer to keep their homes and lifestyles private. You may see some of the tribes-people moving about the forest, but don’t expect a warm welcome.


You can, however, engage in a little exploration of the lush foliage and the dense animal life within. With at least 170 species of mammals, 600 species of birds, 150 amphibious species, and more insect life than one can count, a visit to the park is never without its rewards.


While visiting, make sure you have your camera ready to snap some amazing nature shots of the Yasuni round-eared bat, the Amazon Climbing Salamander, White-banded Swallows, Jaguars, Harpy Eagles, White-bellied spider monkeys, and the elusive Golden-mantled Tamarin.

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