Egypt travel advice

Offering Exceptional Egypt Travel Advice

   When it comes to travelling, it seems like everyone and their brother has an opinion. However, to find excellent Egypt travel advice, it’s best to go to a reliable source: travellers who have visited this fine north African nation. Read on to find some of the best advice available with our top notch Egypt travel advice.

#1: Check Up On Safety Updates

The far majority of Egypt is safe for tourists. The threats of terrorism, unrest, and kidnapping are generally way overblown but there are certain parts of the country where things can be unsafe or dicey. Doing a little reading online can help you know where you’re good or where you need to be careful.

#2: Haggle In The Markets

Haggling is a normal part of the culture and you shouldn’t feel self conscious. The prices are set high to allow for haggling so practice it and remember to always go for the best deal! Even convenience stores won’t have a lot of prices out, so ask before buying and haggle – you can get a better deal!

#3: Bring TP

Most toilet systems don’t have toilet paper. Some have water nozzles. While hotels catering to travelers might have normal systems, once you’re travelling you’re best off carrying a couple of rolls.

#4: Bring Comfortable Travel Shoes

It is extremely important to always have comfortable travel shoes, and this applies to Egypt. While you might think about wearing sandals or flip-flops because of the desert, it just isn’t a good idea here. Streets can be dirty and the last thing you need is to have your feet stepped on.

#5: Ask For A Check At A Restaurant

When it comes to service at restaurants a server won’t bring a check until you specifically ask for it. You can literally sit there for hours and they’re not going to push you out, so know that you need to ask. This is their culture’s way of being respectful.

#6: Don’t Mind The Stares

You’re a foreigner and you look a lot different from everyday locals. Staring isn’t necessarily considered rude in Egypt so don’t worry about it. Enjoy meeting people, enjoy your visit, and don’t let the stares get to you.

#7: Read Up On Cairo

You will almost certainly visit Cairo on any visit to Egypt so make sure to read up on things including transportation, safety, and any recent news.

In conclusion

Egypt is a land of amazing sights and incredible history. The early Egyptian empires led by their pharaohs were producing an advanced civilization with art, language, literature, and history even thousands of years before the Greeks. This is a land full of hospitable people, incredible ancient pyramids and temples, and incredible natural wonders found up and down the Nile River.

You can’t talk about how ancient history morphed its way to modern history without mentioning the Egyptians. This Egypt travel advice showed you the land with plenty to offer tourists with a wide level of interests, so make sure to do your research and take a look at visiting Egypt travel advice with your dream trip today!