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Riding the Wind in Athens

Greece has the perfect atmosphere for hang and paragliding. If you’re looking to add a little thrill to your next vacation, consider a gliding expedition in Athens.     You can view the beauty of Greece from above in an airplane or helicopter, but there is nothing quite so exhilarating as feeling the wind on

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See the Athens Coastline from the Tram

Athens, Greece has no short supply of public transportation, but if you don’t have anywhere in particular to be, then a ride along the coast on the tram is a great way to see the beauty of Greece while getting around. If you want to get anywhere in Athens, then you can certainly get there

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10 Sites to See in Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece holds a lot of appeal for those seeking an almost-magical historical experience. With so many ancient ruins and structures and the stories behind them, it’s easy to see why Athens is a hot spot for tourists. Here are some sights in Athens that are worth checking out. The Parthenon This symbol of ancient

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