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Exceptional Egypt Travel Advice

When it comes to travelling, it seems like everyone and their brother has an opinion. However, to find excellent Egypt travel advice, it’s best to go to a reliable source: travellers who have visited this fine north African nation. Read on to find some of the best advice available with our top notch Egypt travel

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Video: Christmas Trip in Egypt

Egypt may be have Islam as a state religion, but Christmas can be celebrated by a tenth of its population, most especially by discerning foreigners who wish to stay here during their holiday break. Egypt is one of the most famous travel destinations in the whole world, and Cairo, its capital, is one of its

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Video: Sandboarding in Egypt

Are you thirsty for some kick-ass action during your vacation in Egypt? Perhaps you’d want to try sandboarding!   Egypt presents a wide selection of desert adventure tours for travelers who thirst for some action during their stay in the country. While others prefer to ride a camel in the desert, especially during the night

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