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Trip to Israel A Holyland Guide

If you are a religious person, you may want to consider taking a trip the Holy Land Israel. People visit this part of the world every year, and a lot of people find that they are transformed by the experience.

If you are thinking about visiting the Holy Land, there are many tourist attractions in Israel that you should consider. Keep these places in mind as you plan your trip.

Caesarea North Central Israel

Caesarea- Gmtours

Caesarea- Gmtours

The place has been naming on Caesar Augustus more than the 2000 year ago. It was an important center of early Christianity. There are various paths to walk for all age groups that will give you incredible experiences some of them are:

Port to Hippodrome, Ramparts road, Footsteps of the crusaders etc… visiting wonderful historic place will take you through the thrilling history of Caesarea. The city has many frames to explore, you’ll see much diversity in cultures in this city.

Nazareth The capital and largest city of Israel

Nazerath- Gmtours

Nazareth- Gmtours

This bustling place is lively and noisy, Nazareth in the holy land is well worth a trip. It also is known as the Arabic capital of Israel. It is the home of Joseph and Mary and hence also Jesus. Over the past years, the old historic city has been renovated and preserved the architectural destinations.

The mixture of three elements architecture, history and culture made this city popular across the globe.

There are various packages that offer a wonderful and memorable Holyland trip to Israel

Bethlehem- The birthplace of Jesus

Bethlehem - Gmoturs

Bethlehem – Gmtours

This small city is just a few miles away from old Jerusalem, The major center of attraction of the city is the church of Nativity, one of the oldest church in the world. The other best place to visit in the city is the Mosque of Omar.

The shopping trends in the country are very different, you may find gold sellers on the street but avoid buying gold on the streets of Bethlehem as it may be the silver piece with gold plated polish. Majorly, all the tourist came from the Jerusalem to Bethlehem via an Israeli check-post, where you need to scan your bags in an X-ray machine and also need to show the passport to the militants.

Although, Arabic is the language of the local of peoples of Bethlehem but languages like French and English are widely spoken in this city.

The Holy trip to Israel has included many other popular destinations like Tiberias, Cana, Tabgha, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv

Plan a trip to Israel and transform your thoughts as the historic country has many mysteries and amazing places to visit that will make your Holyland journey memorable.