Lake Nasser Cruise

Lake Nasser Cruise


Visit the Temple in Aswan before sailing off to Wadi El Scboua to see the Greco-Roman

temple of Mecharakka. Cruise to Amada to tour the tomb of Penout and watch the spectacular sunrise at the Abu Simbel temples.

Lake Nasser Cruise

1 : Aswan

Embarkation before lunch.Visit to Kalabeha temple with its Pharaonic aspect, remodeld into the Greco-Roman style and dedicated to the God Mandoulie. Visit the hemi-speos of Beit el-Wali, created by Ramses II in the beginning of his Reign. Also visit the kiosk of Kerfassi, created tohouner the Goddess Isis.

Aswan, Egypt     

2 : Wadi es-Sebua

Sailing to Wadi es-Sebua. Lunch, dinner and overnight on board.

Wadi es-Sebua, Egypt     

3 : Wadi es-Sebua

Morning visit to Wadi es-Sebua temple, dedicated by Ramses II to the two Cods Amon Ra and Ra llarmakis. The temple of Dakka, dedicated to the God Thot of divin wisdom, lord of times and service, mastor of loterature. Visit the Greco-Roman
temple of Mecharakka. Sail to Amada. Visit the temple of Amada from the XVIIIth dynasty, built during the reign of thotmosis III. Amenoplis III and Thotmosis IV. Also visit the hemi-speos of Detr, dedicated by Ramses II to the rising sun . Finally the tomb of Penout, vicoroy of Nubia. Sail to Kasr Ibrahim. Dinner and overnight on board

Wadi es-Sebua, Egypt     

4 : Kasr Ibrahim / Abu Simbel

Morning visit to the citadel of Kasr Ibrahim sale vestige of the distant past of Nubia in its original location. Explanation is done from the sundeck of the ship as entrance to the site is not permited. Sailing to Abu Simble and after lunch visit the temples.
Candlelight dinner overlooking the Abu Simble temples when weather permits.Overnight on board.

Kasr Ibrahim, Egypt      Abu Simbel, Egypt     

5 : Abu Simbel

Possibility for a second visit to the temples to watch the spectacular sunrise at the Abu Simbel temples, symbol of the international salvages of the nubian monuments the temples of Ramses II and his beloved wife Nefertari.

Abu Simbel, Egypt