Turkey Photographer tours

Turkey Photographer tours


Our Continental Crossroads tour to historic Turkey caters to those with an eye for photography, whisking you and a group of like-minded companions away onto an unforgettable journey to the former capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, where an immense array of historical and natural sites await your discovery.

In terms of its photographic appeal, it doesn’t get much better than Turkey. Boasting more ancient Greek and Roman ruins than both Greece and Italy combined, you can look forward to compiling some extensive photographic documentation of your historical excavation. Other than its unmatched historical appeal, Turkey’s landscape is absolutely extraordinary with its sun-drenched seacoast, dramatic scenery and unusual natural wonders.

In Cappadocia we stop to photograph its unique landscape, composed of rich volcanic rock carved into fabulous shapes by the hand of time, and visit the citadel of Uchisar, Cappadocia’s highest point. One of the many noteworthy highlights of our trip will take us on a walk to the top of Mount Nemrut at the crack of dawn, where we view its ancient first-century open-air temple, and observe as the sun rises to cast its light on the statues of Greek gods and animals that inhabit its courtyards. .

We will head towards the southeast to the ancient stone city of Mardin, which is set on a hill looking out onto the plains of modern-day northern Syria. The city is set in a strategic location on the rocky slope of a hill looking south to the Mesopotamian plains of northern Syria. Known for its distinctive Arab-style architecture, one of its most impressive buildings is the 13th-century Zinciriye Medrese with its striped domes, commanding minaret and monumental main gate. Our locations include the ruins of Ephesus—the best-preserved Roman city in the Mediterranean area—where we photograph storks in their nests atop a Roman aqueduct.

Take a journey with us to Turkey, a geographical wonder straddling Asia and Europe, offering a singular and unforgettable cultural experience of a lifetime.

Turkey Photographer tours

11 May 2016  To  25 May 2016

Day 1 : Participants depart on overnight flights to Istanbul.

Participants depart on overnight flights to Istanbul. 

Istanbul, Turkey     

Day 2 : (May 11)

Arrive in Istanbul and transfer to our hotel. We meet for late afternoon photography in the local area. This evening we photograph at a whirling dervish performance. Our hotel is in the center of the Old City—and offers a unique photo overlooking the Blue Mosque, Haghia Sophia, Topkapi Palace and the Bosphorus. (D)

Istanbul, Turkey     

Day 3 : Day 3

We photograph Suleymaniye Mosque in early morning light, with the Golden Horn in the foreground. After returning to the hotel for breakfast, we visit the New Mosque and photograph the colorful Spice Market. In the eerie Underground Cistern, , we photograph reflections of the more than 300 columns supporting the roof. After an early afternoon rest, we photograph at the Blue Mosque before driving to the Asian side of the city to capture the skyline silhouettes at sunset. (BLD)

Istanbul, Turkey     

Day 4 : Day 4

In the morning, we fly to Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey and drive to Mardin. We explore the old bazaar we photograph the dome and minaret of 13th-century Zinciriye Medrese. Our hotel is a charming old stoned building with a grand view over the City. (BLD)

Diyarbakir, Turkey      Mardin, Turkey     

Day 5 : Day 5

In the morning we visit the Syrian Orthodox Christian Monastery of Dayrulzefaran—still in use today—before we continue to Sanliurfa, known as the city of prophets. Here we can photograph local copper craftsmen and saddle makers in the old bazaar. (BLD)

Sanliurfa, Turkey     

Day 6 : Day 6

We drive to Harran to photograph the ruins of the oldest mosque in Anatolia and the hill-like mud brick domed houses of this ancient city. We continue to Adiyaman, stopping to photograph at the Ataturk Dam (BLD)

Harran, Turkey      Adiyaman, Turkey     

Day 7 : Day 7

We rise very early in the morning for our 2:30 AM departure to Mt. Nemrut. A half-hour hike takes us to the top for sunrise photography of the giant statues and open-air temple built in the first century. Following breakfast in a mountain café, we travel through picturesque mountains and villages on the way back to our hotel for an afternoon rest. (BLD)

Adiyaman, Turkey     

Day 8 : Day 8

During a scenic drive to Cappadocia, we photograph landscapes with wildflowers. Our overnight is in our remarkable Cave hotel. (BLD)

Cappadocia, Turkey     

Day 9 : Day 9

We photograph the volcanic citadel at Uchisar—a carved rock formation converted to a fort during the Christian era—in early morning light as colorful hot air balloons dot the blue skies. Following breakfast, we explore the rock-hewn churches of GÅ‘reme, the colorful volcanic-ash landscapes, and the unique fairy chimneys—eroded by wind and water over thousands of years—before returning to Uchisar to photograph at sunset. (BLD)

Uchisar, Nevsehir, Turkey     

Day 10 : Day 10

An optional (at additional cost) hot air balloon ride over these remarkable sculpted landscapes may be arranged for the early morning. We have another day to explore the scenic villages and valleys of Cappadocia. Tonight, whirling dervishes and folk dancers perform after dinner. (BLD)


Cappadocia, Turkey     

Day 11 : Day 11

En route to Antalya, we photograph at a well-preserved 13th-century caravansary at Sultanhani and stop in Konya, home of the whirling dervishes, where we visit the museum of Mevlani Rumi—the founder of dervish philosophy. We continue over the scenic Toros Mountains to Antalya, situated on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. Our hotel is a charming combination of restored historic Ottoman houses located in Old Antalya. (BLD)

Sultanhani, Aksaray, Turkey      Antalya, Turkey     

Day 12 : Day 12

Early morning departure for the impressive ruins of Perge and the best-preserved Roman theater in the world at Aspendos. In the afternoon, we have time to explore the narrow streets of Old Antalya and the harbor. (BLD)

Antalya, Turkey     

Day 13 : Day 13

We drive to Kusadasi by way of an old mountain road and fields with colorful poppies. On arrival we have time to photograph fishing boats in the scenic harbor. (BLD)

Kusadasi, Turkey     

Day 14 : Day 14

The Roman city of Ephesus offers an opportunity to photograph nesting storks on top of the ancient aqueduct. We photograph the winding cobblestone streets and traditional architecture in the pastoral mountain village of Sirince. (BLD)

Ephesus, Turkey     

Day 15 : Day 15

We drive to Izmir for our flight to Istanbul. Afternoon photography at the Topkapi Palace, Haghia Sophia and the Grand Bazaar. (BLD)

Istanbul, Turkey     

Day 16 : Day 16

(May 25)- Depart on flights home at any time today. (B)

Istanbul, Turkey